Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 Valentiny Contest, Entry 2: Buddy's Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Here's my second submission to the 2nd Annual Valentiny Contest hosted by Susanna Hill, found here: Happy reading and Happy Valentine's Day!

Buddy's Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt
by Penelope Aaron

“Woof!  Woof!” said Buddy to Tyson as he licked his face.  It’s time to wake up! thought Buddy.  There’s a heart shaped paper on your nightstand and I don’t know what it means!
Tyson sat up.  “Look Buddy!  This heart says to go to the playroom for a Valentine’s Day surprise!”
Buddy jumped off Tyson’s bed, ready to follow him anywhere.  He could feel Tyson’s excitement even though he didn’t understand what it was all about.
Tyson ran down the hallway with Buddy at his heels.  Tyson searched the shelves full of toys while Buddy sniffed around the toy box. 
“Woof!” Buddy gave one quick bark to alert Tyson that he had located the heart. 
Tyson rushed over to him.  “Good dog!” he said and patted Buddy’s head.  “It says to go to the kitchen.  Let’s go!”
Buddy galloped behind Tyson into the kitchen where Mama was sitting at the table. Buddy smelled something delicious.  
“Good morning boys,” Mama said with a smile.
Tyson’s plate was piled high with heart shaped waffles and strawberries and whipped cream.  He read the heart next to his plate.  “Buddy, it says Happy Valentine’s Day!” 
Buddy noticed the large bone in his dog dish.
“Thank you Mama. I love you,” said Tyson. 
“Woof! Woof!” said Buddy in agreement. 


  1. Can;t go wrong w/a dog and pancakes. Cute story. Good luck.

  2. A Valentine's treasure hunt. Very creative and fun. Good Luck

  3. So cute!! So glad you submitted these! They are wonderful!

  4. Thanks for the scavenger hunt idea for my son. =) Good luck!

  5. Everyone gets a treat on Valentine's Day. Sweet!

  6. A mystery hunt with a delicious reward. Nice idea. :)
    I wish you well with this story.

  7. Darling! I love treasure hunts...especially when pets can share the rewards!

  8. Ooh, a Valentines Day scavenger hunt - what a fun idea! And how nice that both Tyson and his best friend got treats! Thanks for another fun entry, Penelope!

  9. Thank you all for the kind words!

  10. Love the scavenger hunt! I imagine you have done that with your own children. So Cute.

  11. I like the idea of the boy and dog, because who knows more about unconditional love than dogs? Cute!