Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My boys, True Story #2

Inspiration for my Kavi and Lakota characters in my debut novel, INSPIRALED, came from my boys, pictured here soon after arriving at college.  Like the characters in the book, these two handsome gents like to eat, play sports, eat, make people laugh, eat, workout, eat, wrestle, eat, play video games, eat, drink protein shakes, eat...well, you get the idea. 

Excerpt from INSPIRALED:
I could hear Mom yelling about all the extra chores the boys were going to be doing for getting in trouble at school even before I entered the kitchen.  When I walked in to say goodbye, Kavi was sitting on the counter shoveling heaping spoonfuls of strawberry Nesquik into a large glass of milk.  He stirred the milk, licked the spoon, and then inserted it back into the Nesquik for one more scoop.  Ew.  Lakota was sitting at the dining room table with a bag of gummy bears, pretending to be interested in what Mom was saying.
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